Brian Hall


Brian Hall retired from Qwest Communications in 2004 as Central Office Technician after 30 years. Hired on, out of high school, when it was Mountain Bell. Daughter, Heather Hall Wilson, got divorced in 2004. She was living in Ohio with her son, Brian, and daughter, Kayla. Brian and wife, Marti Hall, moved their daughter and grandkids back to Colorado, where Heather was born and raised. Grandson, Brian Thomas, has severe autism, non-verbal and 24/7 care. It took over a year to find any services for autism in Colorado. Colorado was severely lacking in services for autism in 2004. That is the reason for starting Help Autism Center in 2005. The story behind the name: Stomp Out the Silence of Autism & Disabilities Inc.: When Brian Thomas walks, he Stomps his feet. Out the Silence, Brian is non-verbal. Sowe became his voice and others like him. Autism & Disabilities, those are the families and people that Help Autism Center provides the resources for services and therapies. When Help Autism Center was founded in 2005, the word “autism” was usually met with blank stares…So we decided to put our boots on and Stomp Out the Silence! The idea for Stomp Out the Silence of Autism & Disabilities, Inc. (DBA: Help Autism Center) came to BrianThomas’s grandparents, Brian and Marti Hall, when they talked to their friend Gregg Whelen. About young Brian’s uncertain future and other families with autism, facing a lack of resources. Gregg, who runs an assisted living facility for mentally challenged adults in Denver, Colorado, saw a need for a similar type of facility for adults with autism. Together, they decided to start Help Autism Center, to help fund and provide services for families in Colorado with members who have special needs. Help Autism Center Ranch: For children and adults with autism and special needs, coverage for services such as therapy, integration advocacy, vocational training, life-skills instruction, assisted living, respite care, and work programs are critically lacking. To counteract this inadequacy, Help Autism Center hosts, or partners with organizations to host events to raise funds. Assist families who have children and adults with autism and special needs, to provide much-needed therapy and services. Help Autism Center, in concert with other service providers, will deliver a living facility for adults with autism and special needs, as well as multiple therapies and respite care for special needs children and adults. Any assisted living, therapy organization, and respite care center connected with this endeavor will be licensed by the State of Colorado and will meet State code for residential, therapy, and respite care facilities.

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