Dr. JoQueta Handy


Dr. JoQueta Handy is a speaker, author, educator, and Integrative Medicine practitioner who is opening new pathways to educate children with learning disabilities. Handy’s methodology is the result of extensive research showing that learning-disabled individuals are, in fact, exceptional in their capability to learn. They can be especially gifted in visual learning and are capable of reaching astonishing levels of potential if they are educated in an appropriate way. Handy has developed a holistic strategy that begins with nutritional protocols and progresses to employ the specialized visual and kinesthetic strategies that can leverage these individuals’ unique and tremendous strengths. Handy has embarked on a life and professional mission to bring this understanding and capability to parents, educators, special needs organizations, and governments worldwide.

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Navigating Autism—Through Divine Dimensionality

Navigating Autism—Through Divine Dimensionality