Valerie Aprahamian


Valerie Aprahamian is a special education advocate, consultant, coach and mentor, author, speaker, teacher, and Founder of Advocates For Angels, who protects the rights of parents of neurodiverse children in the development of their child’s Individual Education Program (IEP).
As a mother of an adult daughter on the autism spectrum, Valerie has walked the same path as her clients and understands the challenges they experience.
Over the past 25 years while attending thousands of IEP meetings, Valerie has mastered the advocacy skills necessary to hold school districts accountable to ensure her clients leave high school with the skills necessary to live an independent, productive and purposeful life.
Today, she runs a virtual parent training academy, dedicated to empowering parents to successfully advocate and receive the IEP their child needs to thrive. Valerie’s advocacy coaching, consulting, and innovative e-learning programs help parents become more knowledgeable, confident, and effective advocates in supporting their child to reach their potential. 

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Empowering parents to ensure your child receives FAPE

Empowering parents to ensure your child receives FAPE