Dr Melinda Sharma – Understanding the Connection Between the Immune System and Behaviors Called “Autism”

Autism is a complex, heterogeneous condition with skyrocketing incidence. It is becoming increasingly clear that a subset of children diagnosed with autism suffer from treatable physical illness. Although autism is diagnosed based on a constellation of behavioral symptoms, when underlying physical illnesses are identified and treated properly, children can reach their maximum potential and are […]

Microbiota Transplant Therapy for Autism and for Pitt Hopkins

This presentation will summarize the results of a Phase 1 trial of microbiota transplant therapy (MTT) for children with autism, and the results of a new study of MTT for children with Pitt Hopkins. MTT is an investigational therapy involving pretreatment with vancomycin, then a bowel cleanse, and then 8-12 weeks of microbiota from healthy humans. The effect of MTT on gastrointestinal and autism-related symptoms will be presented. This is the first clinical trial ever conducted for Pitt Hopkins. Speaker: James Adams, […]