Glyphosate, Sulfate And Autism

Back in the 1990s, Dr. Rosemary Waring treated many autistic patients, and she identified impaired sulfation homeostasis as a key feature of autism. She suspected defective versions of specific enzymes needed to synthesize, transport, and deliver sulfate to the blood and all the tissues. Her hypothesis has been confirmed in a paper published in 2021, […]

Mold/Biotoxin Illness And Autism Connection: What Is The Right Order Of Treatment?

Dr Dashore will talk about the integral connections between mold/biotoxin Illness and autism spectrum disorder. The talk will have in-depth information about the various steps involved in the treatment process. Both are multi system illnesses and the correct order of treating is of great importance for success of the protocol to maximize clinical gains. Speaker: […]

The Environment And Asd

ALL CHRONIC DISEASE?More than 200 genes associated with autism Many subtypesPesticides Toxins EMF Lessons learned from other human retroviral infections Zoonotic transmission exposuresHeavy metals in water—example from the Silver state GMOVaccinations—The Anti-hygiene Theory MicrobiomeALL ON TOP OF THE GENETICS Speaker: Judy Mikovits, PhD