Holistic Care Planning For A Lifetime Of Success

Securing a safe and stable future for a loved one with Autism can be very challenging. Parents often struggle to balance maximizing the skills of the individual and creating a fulfilling lifestyle with safety concerns and risks. Comprehensive planning, focusing on a care plan, can often reduce risks and help guide the appropriate types of […]


Through the use of Universal Energy (True Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine) and resonance waves, Master Zhang can produce a custom sound wave for each patient. It is qi deficiency that causes the disease at the DNA level; which makes this genetic. Master has treated several autism patients over the pandemic especially, and the parents […]

Breathing Techniques: The Ancient Practice Of Pranayama

In this session, Tamara will share her knowledge of one of the seven limbs of yoga, pranayama. With specific breathwork practices one can shift the body to achieve vitality and an optimum level where the body can heal most effectively. With these practices we open to healing opportunities for your own practice but also to […]

Meditation As A Gateway To Optimum Health

As the creator of the program, Meditation Made Easy, Tamara will share her knowledge on different forms of meditation. She shares insights on the topic and bring several opportunities for you to experience meditation in new ways. Come and experience mantra meditation, moving meditation, guided meditation, and more! Speaker: Tami Duncan