Nutritional Supplementation In Autism As Informed By The Latest Science

Most autism-savvy families and clinicians are aware of the power of nutrition in autism. Nutritional interventions such as gluten-free, casein-free, prebiotics, and antioxidants are familial tools of progressive management. However, few understand how the emerging genetic, biochemical, and neuro-structural research in- forms on nutritional therapy. Does the new science suggest that autism is genetic, immobile, […]

Implementing Diet And Nutrition For The Picky Eater

At AutismOne you will often hear about the importance of diet and nutrition, but possibly you’re struggling with how to cultivate and support healthy eating and special diets for the common extremely picky eater. Solutions are here! Betsy has been helping parents with the techniques and education that turn mealtime into a health-filled experience. In […]

Diet, Diet, Diet!

DIET, DIET, DIET! Healing always begins with diet! However, there is not one single diet that is effective for all types of healing. This lecture takes a look at some of the most useful healing diets that reduce inflammation and increase healing! All diets are not created equally! Each diet has its own strengths and […]