Holistic Care Planning For A Lifetime Of Success

Securing a safe and stable future for a loved one with Autism can be very challenging. Parents often struggle to balance maximizing the skills of the individual and creating a fulfilling lifestyle with safety concerns and risks. Comprehensive planning, focusing on a care plan, can often reduce risks and help guide the appropriate types of […]

Empowered 2 Communicate: Teaching Nonspeakers To Communicate Through Spelling

Spelling to Communicate is a form of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) that teaches the speller the motor skills to point to letters to spell as a form of reliable communication. It is exciting to know that one day your child will have the ability to communicate beyond their wants and needs! Fluent or open […]

Navigating Autism—Through Divine Dimensionality

We have spent thirty plus years in trying to “figure out” Autism. I know this because I have been a part of the figuring out for most of my adult life. While research has advanced in amazing ways, we still can’t “heal” Autism. Why? What if healing our child begins with healing us as parent […]