Holistic Health Options From A-Z On A Budget

Good news, autism is treatable! The bad news is that it usually takes expensive clinics, expensive prescriptions, and expensive protocols. For parents on a budget, there’s still hope with many basic and beneficial holistic health resources that don’t cost a fortune. Learn what Elayne Pearson discovered to help her daughter with Down syndrome/autism significantly improve. […]

Navigating Medicaid Programs And Housing Options

Having children and loved ones with special needs can be daunting as you try to navigate both personal and financial challenges. You may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. Will my child or loved one have services and stable housing essential for their safety and protection? What are the eligibility requirements and application process […]

Puzzled About Emergency Preparedness? … “Keep It Up!”

Life “paired up” with autism can be puzzling, then “add up” Emergency Preparedness goals, and many families quickly feel “fed up!” “Link up” with Elayne Pearson, Special Needs Preparedness Guide, for a clever, easy approach to “keep up” with this vital subject. “Gather up” some no-cook/no cool food items, “gear up” with concepts to connect […]

Creating Peace, Purpose And Profit

As our children age out of the school system, parents are often left with a new full-time responsibility of creating a make-shift day program that brings purpose to their autistic individual’s life. In this lecture, business owner, Betsy Hicks-Russ will talk about the importance of getting your child out into the community in order to […]

Being Prepared-The Work Is Worth It!

Being prepared for emergencies is essential for our families. This session will provide examples of how to successfully navigate these times and tools to create your own individual action plan to do so.\ Speaker: Carolyn Gammicchia