Dr Melinda Sharma – Understanding the Connection Between the Immune System and Behaviors Called “Autism”

Autism is a complex, heterogeneous condition with skyrocketing incidence. It is becoming increasingly clear that a subset of children diagnosed with autism suffer from treatable physical illness. Although autism is diagnosed based on a constellation of behavioral symptoms, when underlying physical illnesses are identified and treated properly, children can reach their maximum potential and are […]

Outline: Quantum Reflex Integration

What is QRI? Why Primitive Reflexes are Important? How cold laser can repair, regenerate, and help the nervous system mature? Summary and questions Speaker: Bonnie Brandes

The Most Successful And Yet Often Overlooked Asd Treatment Strategies: 30 Years Of Trial And Error

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D., studied medicine & psychology in Freiburg, Germany, completing his Ph.D. on the involvement of the autonomic nervous system in autoimmune disorders. Early in his career, he became interested in the sequelae of chronic toxicity (especially lead, mercury, environmental pollutants & electromagnetic fields) over the course of illness. While working in India […]

How The Gut Microbiome And The Gut-Brain Axis May Play A Role In Autism Spectrum Disorder

The gut microbiome plays many vital roles within the human body, including protecting against pathogens and modulation of the immune system. Unfortunately, our gut microbiome can become imbalanced, which has been associated with the development of diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, neuropsychiatric-related diseases, metabolic conditions, and antibiotic resistance. The importance of the gut microbiome is […]