Ancestral Healing for Autism, PANS, and Beyond: Releasing the Burden for Our Children

Mallory McClelland


Conference 2023






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As parents and practitioners of complex kids, we are familiar with how environmental toxins affect the body, the brain, behaviors, and ultimately every facet of our day-to-day lives.

But an area that is unfamiliar and often overlooked is that of transgenerational traumas and how they impact a child’s ability to heal.

As most of you are well aware when the physical detox pathways begin to open, the healing moves much more quickly, and we see vast improvements.

In my presentation I’d like to shed light on the ancestral burdens that are also in need of deep detoxification.

Family Constellations is a way to open a detox pathway to release the burdens of transgenerational traumas and its impact on the child and the family energetically, emotionally, mentally, and even physically.

When you get energy moving at this level, the healing potential is unlocked and great results follow.


Mallory McClelland

Mallory McClelland is an intuitive healer and problem solver of the highest caliber. She began in business by using her intuitive gifts and talents to support mothers and children with medical complexities and special needs.

It has been so beautiful and meaningful to watch mothers of children with autism, PANS/PANDAS, ADHD, and other medical conditions transform before her very eyes. The mothers went from feeling hopeless, fearful, insecure, and disempowered to these stunning mother goddesses who trusted themselves, trusted their path, listened to their intuition, and took life back into their own hands.

They thought they were coming to Mallory to find answers and solve their children’s medical needs but what actually happened is that they learned that they had the solutions to those problems inside themselves the whole time. It was always there, it was just locked away. Mallory’s role was to simply help them remember where the key was.

Her role in that community has shifted.

Mallory now uses her extraordinary talents, empathic gifts, as well as her sassy, fun and motivating disposition to support modern female entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches step into power and alignment in business.

She was shown a vision of all the women who are ready to uplevel and impact the masses through their God-given talents.  It is Mallory’s mission to teach the modern female creative entrepreneur how to access her intuition and use it in a purpose-driven way.

Let’s change some lives, have some fun, heal ourselves, and authentically impact the masses together! 

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