Medical Challenges Of Adults On The Autism Spectrum

Jerry Kartzinel, MD







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Do you know any adults on the autism spectrum that battle anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, problems with sleep, and gut issues? I sure do. And these condi- tions absolutely need be addressed, treated, and made a whole lot better! In this talk, I will share with you the treatment protocols that certainly can help improve these conditions and improve our young adults’ quality and enjoyment of life.

Speaker: Dr. Jerry Kartzinel


Jerry Kartzinel, MD

Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, MD, FAAP, is an internationally known author, lecturer, and clinician who has been featured on TV and radio and has helped numerous children recover from chronic debilitating diseases. He is board certified in pediatrics and is impassioned to help children and families regain health by some of the most natural means possible. Both national and local media have featured Dr. Kartzinel’s approach to health and nutrition, including Larry King Live!, 20/20, and The Today Show. Dr. Kartzinel received his Doctorate of Medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine and completed his pediatric training at Keesler Air Force Base. Following Desert Storm, Dr. Kartzinel practiced traditional pediatric medicine until his fourth boy was diagnosed with Autism and all its related chronic diseases (immune system dysfunction, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, chronic constipation, etc.). Dr. Kartzinel quickly realized that the traditional approach to medicine was limited to treating a disease state with a medication, but with little thought about why the disease state occurred in the first place. Many times in medicine, this approach works well. The problem lies with chronically reoccurring diseases, or conditions of the human being that just will not improve with a traditional approach. Realizing most disease states share in common toxin exposure (and the body’s inability to detoxify these exposures), inflammation (as commonly seen in most chronic illnesses), oxidative stress, and the particular genetics the individual has (this determines “how” the disease process will manifest), Dr. Kartzinel turned to the field of nutritional and preventative medicine for answers. This new approach has demonstrated marked clinical improvements in his patients — way beyond what he had initially hoped for! THE FUTURE IS NOW — As our children on the autism spectrum mature into adults, the Kartzinel family is proactively creating the HOME LIFE Community for these adults that will specifically meet the unique needs of each of our residents and foster growth in social comradery, self-expression, and to optimize mental, physical, and spiritual health. Our family is on a personal mission to provide other families with the same level of support that we will someday need for our son, Joshua. We are here to walk this journey together with your family.