Regulating the Nervous System – A Short Course on the WHY and the HOW for Caregivers and Forever Parents.

Amy Yardley


Conference 2023






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In this presentation, I will outline how a dysregulated nervous system contributes to lower health outcomes and then I will link those to our lives as caregivers (ie, we HAVE to be as healthy as possible because of our responsibilities).  I will then share 3-5 specific techniques/strategies that caregivers can use today that will help bring the body into a state of relaxation.  These techniques are designed to be used while we live our lives and are accessible at any time and free!  I will also be sharing my story of living in chronic stress and burnout and how I “self-rescued” into a balanced and regulated state, thereby improving my expression of life and my son’s expression of life.


Amy Yardley

Amy Yardley is the founder of Navigate Your Healing, LLC and focuses on helping special needs parents break their chronic stress cycle by utilizing simple yet effective strategies, all within a delivery model that works best for Special Needs parents. Amy also serves as an advisor to the FOCUS Academy, helping practitioners understand the mindset of parents and how to better communicate with them and support them as practice members.

Amy lives in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and has extensive experience in the “bio-med” world of autism as her son had significant medical challenges that the allopathic systems were not interested in helping with. Taking to Google in 2007 in an effort to help her son, Amy discovered the underground world of parents-helping-parents in terms of diets, detox, targeted supplementation, healing arts – you name it. Amy has assisted thousands of parents in understanding innate healing and how to support it. She guest blogged several times for The Thinking Mom’s Revolution and presented at AutismOne in Chicago twice.

Prior to “life with Spencer,” Amy worked as a trainer/consultant helping agencies and organizations better understand how to serve people in poverty and crisis – aka, context of scarcity. She traveled extensively, speaking at conferences and providing technical assistance to agencies and organizations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Ball State University. She has worked across multiple sectors and has a keen insight into not only human behavior but also organizational behavior.