Sequential Homeopathy: The Drug-Free Option For Autism & Pans/Pandas

Cindy L. Griffin, DIHom., DSH-P, B.M.E.








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From the perspective of natural health science, chronic complaints are the product of multiple traumatic factors that combine over time to create the current ill- ness. Sequential homeopathy provides a systematic framework for a highly individualized approach using homeopathic remedies to directly address each client’s unique history. Every client has their own timeline of physical, emotional, environmental, and medical traumas. Homeopathically clearing or healing those traumas supports the body in its goal of long-term healing and health. Since 2003, the Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy has brought about improvements in overall health, development, and behavior in thousands of children with PANS/PANDAS and/or ASDs, including several hundred full recoveries. The body is “fearfully and wonderfully made” to heal itself once toxins can be removed, traumas addressed, and blockages to the restorative process are systematically removed. The body will then rebalance itself and true healing can take place. Safe, side-effect-free homeopathic remedies are used daily to help strengthen the body’s disrupted detoxification pathways and processes, while once-a-month remedies support the longer-term process of sequentially addressing the individual’s history of traumas. Each child’s program is highly individualized based on their personal history. The results are less toxicity, improved digestion, and immune function, and ultimately, enhanced health – resulting in improved behaviors and overall functioning. An overview of the general program and case studies will be presented to demonstrate some of the remarkable outcomes of this world-renowned, drug-free, individualized program to help children on the autism spectrum and those with PANS/PANDAS behaviors.

Cindy L. Griffin, DIHom., DSH-P, B.M.E.
Lindyl Lanham, DSH-P, B.M.E., B.S. Spec. Ed.


Cindy L. Griffin, DIHom., DSH-P, B.M.E.

Cindy L. Griffin, DIHom., DSH-P, B.M.E., was introduced to homeopathy after her husband died of cancer treatment in 1994 at the young age of 38 years old. The stresses of grief and adjusting to single parenting of three children took a toll and after conventional medicine was unable to eliminate her chronic inflammation and sinus infections, she turned to classical homeopathy. She was literally cured overnight. In 1995 she met her mentor, Sherry Arrick, a sequential homeopath, and tutor for the British Institute of Homeopathy, Canada. After study and oversight with Mrs. Arrick, Cindy began her practice in 1998. After meeting Lindyl Lanham in 2001, Lindyl’s interest in Tourette’s syndrome and autism led the two of them to expand the Houston Homeopathy Method for Chronic Illness into working with children with autism, Tourette’s Syndrome and PANS/PANDAS. As the method became well known in the world of autism, the practice ultimately grew to 4 practitioners, as Julianne Adams, DSH-P, and Lynn Rose Demartini, RN, DSH-P, joined the practice over the next few years. Today the method continues to be considered one of the most innovative and safe approaches to the physiological, emotional, and behavioral problems of autism, PANS, and PANDAS. Homeopathy Center of Houston is one of the largest homeopathic practices in the United States. Outside of the practice, Cindy enjoys her 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren, is an avid student of the Bible, and enjoys playing folk instruments, saxophone, singing, and organic gardening.

Lindyl Lanham, DSH-P, B.M.E., B.S. Spec. Ed., began her career working with children with multiple diagnoses at the Texas Annex for the Deaf/Blind in the early 1970s. These were children who had been born deaf and blind, and many had what was then undiagnosed autism. She continued that career path for 9 years teaching children with special needs in multiple areas, primarily visually challenged but including those with autism and physical challenges. Sheretired from public school teaching to rear and homeschool her two sons, one of whom had speech and learning disabilities associated with Tourette’s syndrome (now recovered, married, with a successful career.) Lindyl had a lifetime interest in alternative medicine but was introduced to homeopathy when her mother chose it over traditional medicine as her hospice treatment. After that, she studied classical and sequential homeopathy and began her practice in 2003 as a co-founder of Homeopathy Center of Houston. She realized that she could combine her love of special needs children witha safe and effective means of helping them heal. Her passion for these children drives her desire for new approaches and innovations to the Houston Homeopathy Method. Lindyl’s other interests include Bible study, healthy gourmet cooking, enjoying her 2 grandchildren and attending to her rescued feline friends.