Keeping Our Loved Ones Safe

Keep a child or loved one safe is always family member’s first concern. For individuals living with autism, who may be more vulnerable to victimization and neglect, it’s even more of a priority and should be for all community members. This session will discuss what has been transpiring and how to be work to prevent […]

Creating Peace, Purpose And Profit

As our children age out of the school system, parents are often left with a new full-time responsibility of creating a make-shift day program that brings purpose to their autistic individual’s life. In this lecture, business owner, Betsy Hicks-Russ will talk about the importance of getting your child out into the community in order to […]

The Challenge of a LIFETIME: Building the Home LIFE Community®

Our biggest challenge, as parents, is to provide for our adult children after we are no longer are able to meet their needs – for their entire lifetime. At Home Life Community, we are working on solving the many intricacies in converting a 50+ acre parcel into a thriving resort-like community! Imagine a place where […]