The Housing Crisis – The Foundations Needed For Residential Access And Choice

Skyrocket housing costs, limited availability for residential options, a staffing crisis, and limited services or financial resources have created cracks within the founda- tion for housing options for many, but especially for individuals with autism. This session will show what we can do to change this together. Speaker: Carolyn Gammicchia

A Place In The World: Fueling A New Generation Of Housing & Community Options

An autism diagnosis need not stand in the way of homes, friends, jobs and supportive communities. Learn how you can be part of igniting a more hopeful genera- tion of housing options for individuals with Autism and their families. Shortcomings & Gaps in the System: What’s standing in the way of significant progress? Making the […]

The Challenge of a LIFETIME: Building the Home LIFE Community®

Our biggest challenge, as parents, is to provide for our adult children after we are no longer are able to meet their needs – for their entire lifetime. At Home Life Community, we are working on solving the many intricacies in converting a 50+ acre parcel into a thriving resort-like community! Imagine a place where […]