Brain Encephalitis: A Leading Cause Of Mental Health Problems; Pans/ Pandas – Brain Under Attack

In a world of constant attacks on our immune system, attend this workshop and learn about autoimmune encephalitis, and how it affects brain health. Identify root causes and support those who are exhibiting OCD, brain fog, fatigue, rage, and even violent behavior with autoimmune boosting, stealth pathogens eradication, and inflammation-reducing techniques. Speaker: Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC, […]

A Biopsycosocial Understanding Of Pans & Pandas

In this presentation we will define “PANS” and “PANDAS.” We will discuss how to diagnose these conditions and will present various therapeutic options ranging from antibiotics, steroids and IVIG to innovative and safe treatments. We will explore the link between PANS/PANDAS and Autism. Finally, we will use the discussion of PANS/PANDAS to show how alternative […]

The Role Of Regulatory T Cells In Autoimmune Encephalitis

Autoimmune encephalitis (including PANS/PANDAS) is a neuroinflammatory syndrome with dysregulation of the immune system as a central feature. In this lecture, I will present the current role of how our environmental exposures, microbiome imbalances, and histamine overload contribute to loss of regulatory T cells and increased molecular mimicry. Speaker: Barry Smeltzer, PA-C